Everybody Inside Out of the Wind!

As a cool wind blew from the north, efforts to bring in tender plants increased. Cuttings yet to be taken were hastily snipped and pots were lined up for the begonias and other tenderlings that needed to come inside. A clump of lemon grass was dug, not because cymbopogon can’t return from its roots, but the cat likes to chew it.

Ike the Cat has already pushed pots off the north bench, so that area is left bare for now except for a heavy pot he can’t push over. Ike has the idea that the greenhouse is a huge cattery, where we can hang out in winter, out of the wind, and soak up sun. Ike has a bed over behind the large pots at the end  where the dog, who believes the greenhouse is some kind of gymnasium, can’t reach him.

Cuttings of Porterweed, Alternanthera, white Shrimp Plant and Persian Shield are in containers of water. Cuttings in water lasted through the winter last year, to be recut and rooted in soil in late winter/early spring. White shrimp plant needs to be potted in soil, to bloom during the winter as it requires short days for bloom. It reaches great heights in the garden, but never blooms. Persian Shield will also bloom in the greenhouse, but the blooms are of no consequence other than being an oddity.

I potted one pot of cardamon ginger just for the fragrance, and two pots of Alpinia for the appearance. The gingers will return in spring from the roots. Curcuma and butterfly ginger actually need a rest period, so potting them for appearance is futile. The potted specimens grew on no faster last spring than the ones outside. I potted Black Magic colocasia just for the appearance.

Are so many Begonias excessive? I like Begonias, Anthuriums, too. The green pots of begonia were double-potted in the ground and there is still sand on the pots.

Ground orchid, tibouchina and firecracker plant continue to bloom. Last year the epiphyllums bloomed after they came inside. They have tiny buds now. I look forward to the fragrant white blooms, which will bloom once, late at night in about three weeks.

Ground Orchid


Firecracker Fern

Can you find Ike of the Jungle in this picture?

The fountain, which was on the floor last year, is on a shelf where the dog can’t drink from it. She gets trash in the fountain and clogs the pump.

The cat believes the fountain is his personal water hole. I am hopeful that the fountain adds the least bit of humidity. It has a pleasant sound, anyhow.

Before there was a little greenhouse here, plants went in the unheated utility room in front of east facing windows. Seedlings in spring were trundled in and out of the tool shed on a kitchen trolley. There is still work to be done, but the most tender plants are safely inside. Tiny cuttings are tucked here and there.