Tulips and Hyacinths

Tulip ‘Shirley’ with Muscari and Alyssum.

I put a poll on my Blogger version of Seedscatterer.

The ideal number of pictures in a blog post is split this way: More than half like LOTS of Photos. One quarter like 2-5, another quarter thinks 7-11 a good number. I guess the best number is to pick out your best and post as many as there are that look good. Three would illustrate a single pot plant; a visit to a nursery or garden show needs as many as turned out well.


Only 31% like Macros. I like macros if they have some farther away views so you see the whole plant and the setting.

Tulips and Muscari that I won from Longfield Gardens.

Tiny poppy seedlings will be blooming by the time the Tulips and Muscari are done. There are some Daffodils at the back, barely peeking out of the ground. Mama always planted poppies among her Tulips to hide aging foliage.
Elsewhere in the garden Blue Delft Hyacinths are in full bloom. These are second year plants. Last year they were forced in pots and then planted out.
 Landscape views to give an idea of a garden pleases 89% of those
who replied to my poll.