‘Pride of Mobile’ was the Desirable Azalea

My MIl used to mourn that she could hardly get Pride of Mobile to grow while Formosa Azaleas grew easily in her garden. Nearly 40 years after her death, Pride of Mobile is showing off.


Formosa is more magenta; Judge Solomon is lighter pink.  I always considered Formosa as desirable because of the darker foliage despite the rich magenta color that is a little too purple for some tastes.


In a near ideal placement, Pride of Mobile is under a pecan tree, on a downward slope beside a limestone rock, backed by Hydrangea quercifolias and ancient boxwoods. Wisteria in tree form obscures the view of the house gable.  As azaleas go out of bloom, white panicles of Oakleaf hydrangea will take the spotlight.


Azalea time in the Deep South is when every humble abode is fairyland with Azaleas, Dogwoods and Redbuds in bloom. Some places in town have azalea plantings as big as a bus. Every little plant is precious.


  1. Oh how beautiful – I can’t wait for my azaleas to look like that!

  2. beautiful !!! the buds on my azelea’s are still tightly closed !

  3. Nell Jean

     /  March 18, 2013

    Judge Solomon is a paler pink than Pride of Mobile and there is one here, probably 50 years old. It’s always interesting to know for whom Flowers were named.

    • Anita

       /  March 18, 2013

      Glad I could share this information with you, the granddaughter lives in his home. She does landscaping design.

  4. Anita

     /  March 18, 2013

    Do you have a Judge Solomon azalea? Judge Solomon, lived here on the island that I live on. His granddaughter is a friend of mine. Judge Solomon planted a lot of the palms along our roadways.

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