November Bloom Day

The most spectacular blooms here now are on an ancient Sasanqua camellia planted here about 45 years ago. White, with no known name, its trunk is large and gnarled. As blooms open the petals of mature blossoms fall to the ground, as close to snow as we see. Sasanquas bloom until Christmas; then the C. japonicas, which have buds now, begin to open.

We still have zinnias:

And Ratibida. And Pentas and Echinacea

Crape myrtles have colorful foliage. Salvia leucantha, Madagascar periwinkle, Purple Heart and Melampodium paludosum continue, awaiting inevitable frost. I’ve pulled the plants that turned ugly, but enough remain to carry the beds. Duranta has gone out of bloom.

Red alternanthera has finally put on fall dress. It works well with Salvia coccinea, Lantana and Ratibida.

The upper garden continues with Pentas and other delights like Salvia elegans

Tecoma stans continues to bloom in front of a pear tree with fall foliage. Notice the long seed pods on the Esperanza.

I have to mention Tithonia. It has been a magnet for butterflies and I left some of the smaller plants for Gulf Frits, Sulphurs and other late butterflies, here it compliments red alternanthera.

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