A Warm Place to Putter

When the cold wind blows, a little shelter means a lot. Today I saw a brave Gulf Fritillary butterfly nectaring on Lantana on a south facing slope out of the wind. The North Wind wrapped the flag around the flagpole. I spent time out of the wind potting up some rooted pentas that needed more room for roots.

I moved the narcissus off my potting bench. A bag of potting soil sits on the floor.

The corners are full. Gingers and Gerbera daisies crowd in with alternanthera.

Begonias, Pentas, Duranta and Kalanchoe share a space with forced bulbs.

Chlorphytum comosum dangles over a Kalanchoe in bud beneath a Gardenia.

Gerbera, Begonia, Persian Shield, Foxtail Fern, Alyssum and Gingers.

Alternanthera rooted in a casserole dish shares a shelf with variegated Hydrangeas with a catwalk along the back for the cat to reach his high perch out of reach of the dog. We all enjoy this space.