Bloom Day July 2013

It rained for the past 20 days, not continuously, just daily thunder showers. We are grateful for every drop but hardly know what to do with such an abundance of moisture.

White Begonias and Fern

White Begonias and Fern

Crinum 'Ellen Bosanquet'

Crinum ‘Ellen Bosanquet’


Front Garden

Front Garden with Lilacina Crape Myrtles

Brumansia and Daturas with Daylilies and pink Lycoris

Brumansia and Daturas with Daylilies, Periwinkles and pink Lycoris

Crape Myrtle Bed with Persian Shield, Pentas, Graptopetalum and Sedum acre

Salmon Sheen Daylily

Salmon Sheen Daylily

This is the WordPress version of Secrets of a Seedscatterer. My official Bloom Day post is on Blogger. This post gives garden writers with WordPress blogs that I visit a place to easily land from the convoluted path I must take to post to them by way of this blog. Pictures are from the past few days’ Blogger posts.