The greenhouse has a change to the floor. I saw a patio floor on The New York Times site that incorporated what I already had: bricks, broken concrete and river stones. I just didn’t have mine in a pretty configuration. It took several days to complete last spring before the days got t

oo hot to work “under glass.”

One of the pest control crew — tiny green anoles and toads take care of many pests without using chemicals. Aphids get a soapy bath if ladybugs fail to show up on time.

As soon as the weather cools off again, there are a number of changes planned. There’s a long list of cuttings to  strike, seeds to plant and plants to combine in containers so there is room for everybody inside before frost.

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  1. Nell Jean

     /  December 30, 2014

    Thanks, Chloris. It’s evolved over time into more than I ever expected for a structure built on a budget. Everybody should have one..

  2. I love the floor and I love the glimpse into your greenhouse.


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