A Level Playing Field for January’s Bloom Day

Only three days ago there were many blooms to see here. A low of 26 F on Friday night turned most of the Camellias and other blossoms brown. Some of the more sturdy blossoms are still standing.

Daffodils where I scattered rye grass seed for winter green have taken a notion to come up early. Two are When Iblooming.

When I moved in for a closer look, I noticed fragrance and that they are different cultivars. That’s a throw that was a gift Christmas 2010 on my Christmas bench from this past Christmas. It’s kind of chilly in the wind.

Deciduous Magnolia ‘Leonard Messell’ is blooming early. Freezing nights take out the open blossoms but plenty of buds are left for subsequent bloom.

Lantana montevidensis is fried in open areas but under shelter of pines, some blooms persist.

Shrimp plants mostly are blackened but a few persist with tiny shrimpy blooms, again under pine trees.

Camellia Japonicas in open areas have brown blossoms from the cold. Those with some shelter are still bright. Camellia sasanquas are done for the season. They started early December. Those blooming now have enough tight buds to last until hot weather in the spring takes out the blooms. Every year is different because of the temperature variations.

When forced narcissus foliage got floppy, I planted them out under shelter of some shrubbery near the greenhouse. This stem had not opened; now blooming. I have a half dozen more bulbs to plant out when it gets a little warmer.

 Violas in front of the greenhouse stood the cold well, as did lettuces in the planter boxes.

You can see what’s blooming inside the greenhouse here at Dotty Plants Blog.

Happy Bloom Day, All.

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