Firecracker Fern, Ghost Plant, Mandevilla, Grapes and other summer delights.

Bright summer tropicals like Pride of Barbados, Esperanza and Duranta are blooming for the delight of butterflies. They also flock to Pentas and Porterweed. You can see them Here on my Seedscatterer blog.

Firecracker Fern and Ghost Plant
Russelia equisetiformis and Graptopetalum paraguayense

The garden holds other blossoms that attract few butterflies, but are for the delight of the gardener.

Firecracker fern and graphtopetalum are a combo that I saw in a picture. I would never have thought to put them in a container together, but they worked out well.

Pale pink Pentas and Laura Bush Petunias

Pentas are a favorite of butterflies, who also sometimes visit a petunia. The tiny yellow blooms of Malampodium are never visited by butterflies but I think the bright yellow might bring them closer to the more muted pale pink Pentas.

Madagascar Periwinkles are just getting going.
They’re taking the place of spent Rudbeckias and California poppies who
can’t take the heat any more. These have reseeded for several seasons from
Cooler series periwinkles which seem to be more resistant to
nematodes and various diseases. They range from palest pink to
purple, all with a white eye.
Mandevilla on the grape arbor.
Scuppernong grapes on the grape arbor, just getting ripe and
oh, so sweet! They’ve had ample water and hot weather.
A last look at Firecracker Fern. The pea-like foliage belongs to
Pride of Barbados.