Social Media — Am I Left behind in the Dust?

As we anxiously awaited the roll-out of Blotanical V2, I was thinking I’ve been left behind. I studied the instructions for joining in a Social Media event that takes place  using Twitter. The Garden Chat has a running scroll of messages concerning a chat that takes place 3 hours hence. I was clueless, except that I saw a number of familiar names.

I get notices that I’ve been joined on Google Plus from people I never heard of. Facebook is slightly more familiar, except that I’m wondering if I’m missing messages from people I actually have known since high school. Mostly I see changed profile photos honoring this or that occasion.

I have a list of little groups on my FB sidebar. I mostly see repeat messages except for the brand new ones from our great-grandaughter, Minion, who has her own You Tube account. She’s one year old.

There are suddenly a rash of articles on whether Pinterest violates copyright. Horror stories of lawsuits are surfacing. I didn’t notice that paragraph about being responsible for what one uploads to Pinterest when I signed up. Are they opting out of responsibility? Can they do that? I deleted my boards until the issues are more clear.

Anyhow, I was hoping that the NEW Blotanical would make Blotanical much easier to navigate and that we could get back to enjoying everyone’s garden photos and thoughts. I never felt I had enough to say to join Twitter, nor time to hear everybody else’s tweets in real time. Is e-mail old hat? Did it go the way of snail mail?

Time will tell.