2/22/2013 — when the rain stops:

__ Plant white iris with azaleas.

__ Plant Candlestick seeds.



Plant Parsley with Hyacinths. Need to start seeds of Parsley in August to have plants to put over bulbs in October and November. Parsley matures over the winter, feeds butterfly larvae in summer, then blooms and is gone.

Seeds planted in GH:

  1. Datura, purple and white
  2. Pride of Barbados
  3. Camellia
  4. Baptisia

Laura Bush Petunia bed: Plant alyssum seeds, transplant Sweet William; leave weeds: Rabbit tobacco, Harebells, dichondra, Cudweed for butterfly larvae, sprinkle a few seeds of Elephantpus, Silk Grass and Agalinis.

Top Perennials here:

  1. Echinacea
  2. Daylilies
  3. Salvia leucantha
  4. Persian Shield
  5. Duranta
  6. Pride of Barbados
  7. Esperanza
  8. Lantana
  9. Iberis
  10. Baptisia

Top Annuals

  1. Pentas
  2. Tithonia
  3. Rudbeckia
  4. Poppies — P. somniferum, P. rhoeas,  California poppies
  5. Larkspur
  6. Madagascar periwinkle
  7. Alternanthera
  8. Gomphrena
  9. Sweet Alyssum
  10. Gerbera Daisy

— some of my annuals are actually perennials.

Next year’s bulb plans: All white and a few creamy yellows. hyacynths, amaryllis, muscari, narcissus. Wait to January to buy yellow Violas.

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  1. One of your photos under Rock Bed is gone. Was that an extreme close up of the larkspur? My blooms don’t seem to be that big BUT I think the woman who gave them to me said they were the original old larkspur. Think I’d like to have something more showy like yours.

    • Nell Jean

       /  July 22, 2013

      Photobucket has a way of doing away with photos that are as old as the ones under Rock Bed (2008). I wish I knew how to retrieve them. That was very close up of the larkspur. I save larkspur seed from year to year. The original seeds came from Dollar General, I think, several years ago.

    • Just can’t beat those Dollar General seeds. They come up with stuff that hasn’t been seen in years. For me, it was balsam planted this year.

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