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Carefree Delight
Carefree Delight

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I recently posted about reviving some wilted Gerbera Daisies for a little bud vase with hot water. Individual flowers require different tempertures for conditioning for bouquets. The water that I used on the Gerberas was extra warm, not boiling. On tender plants, really hot water may cause tender stems to break down.

Some early spring blossoms like violets, forget-me-nots, and tulips do best in cool water.

Hot water up to about 150F is good for cuttings from trees and shrubs, like roses, hydrangeas and flowering cherries.

Warm temps from 100-120 F will condition a wide variety of flowers and foliage. Chances are it will give the best results, except for those mentioned above, and ferns, which also prefer cool.

Zinnias are great cuts.

If you enjoy bouquets in the house, a good book on cut flowers will be a handy tool. My fav is an old Burpee series book called Cutting Gardens by Chet Davis, long out of print. Not a fan of Martha Stewart, I still enjoy paging through her book, Arranging Flowers, where the luscious flowers remind me to plant more gladioli next spring. Maybe I need more rose bushes, too.

Do you have a good book on cut flowers and conditioning to recommend?

More of these glads, next year.