Postcards from the Edge

It’s the time of year when we don’t go into the woods.

Lantana makes a summer haven for butterflies.

Donna of Garden Walk, Garden Talk wrote about making paths through woods. At the end, she mentioned downsides. Our biggest downsides are poison ivy — acres of poison ivy from seeds spread by birds — and rattlesnakes.


We mostly make paths around the woods and through the meadows.

Erigeron dots the meadows with white.

Even the lime sink remains a pond in a wetter year than usual.
Lantana at woods’ edge


There were butterflies out but shy of the camera.
I hope you can pick out the Tiger Swallowtail kind of upper left.
The Butterfly area has Passionflowers and Beautyberry,
all self seeders along with Lantana south of the woods.
Among other wildflowers I found were Wild Sweet Potato Ipomoea pandurata and Elephantapus.