Wildflowers on Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day

Blooming in the Autumn Meadow are native grasses and wildflowers. This is one of a series of recent posts on Meadow Flowers. Agalinis is going to seed now. Goldenrod in open areas is turning more golden, more protected areas remain bright yellow. Rabbit tobacco Gnaphalium obtusifolium is in full bloom. Asters remain, and Silk Grass.

A closer look at the daisies on the header.

Collage of the asters:

Yellow asters and pale asters, and in the upper right, white Flat Topped Asters, identified by the clusters of blossoms.

Beside a Gopher Turtle’s burrow, yellow Silk Grass and Eratgrostis spp. — Purple Love Grass, not as spectacular as Muhly, but pretty when backlit by the sun.
The clay soil in the picture is not our topsoil. The gopher digs deep to form his den and brings up clay from 18-24 inches down.

A closer look at Silk Grass Pityopsis graminifolia blooms. Silk Grass is similar to Chrysopsis mariana Maryland golden aster which is shorter and has a rosette of furry, dark green leaves. Silk grass has glaucous, silvery leaves, more easily noticed than the flowers.

Rabbit Tobacco. A post featuring rabbits and rabbit tobacco is planned later. This is my favorite of the weeds of fall.

Little Bluestem in bloom.

Happy Bloom Day! Thank you for coming by on such a busy day, so many to see.

In the garden, zinnias, melampodium, mandevilla, roses, bay magnolia, Salvia leucantha, tithonia, marigolds and Gerbera daisies are among those still blooming.

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