Simple Bird Baths

Birds don’t ask for much. They do appreciate fresh water to drink and in which to bathe.  Seeds and insects are plentiful here but fresh water requires some effort on the part of the gardener.

A stone with a natural depression, with a dripping hose
channeled through a piece of bamboo for esthetics.
Constant dripping keep water fresh, discourages mosquito
growth and insures a patina of moss on the stone. The sound of
dripping water attracts birds to the bath.
An old birdbath with patina has dripping water from a vintage brass
faucet shaped like a quail, supplied by a hidden hose.
My first Bird Bath years ago was a galvanized garbage can lid.
The dripping water source was a plastic milk jug with a pinhole, supported by a concrete block.
Imagine my excitement when it attracted brown thrashers!

Bird Bath April, 2013

Stone with PVC pipe dripper. Bamboo rotted away.


Do you give the birds fresh water?