Fifty Five mph Flower Palette

My Front Garden is viewed by people passing at 55 mph. They see a blur of color.

Most easily noticed is bright Orange.
Bright Oranges in early spring are daffodils followed by California Poppies.
Soon Poppies will be joined by Daylilies; then Tithonia and Kniphofia.
The rest of the palatte are Darkest Purple, Chartreuse and pale Yellow with all shades of Orange.
The daylily above is Pineapple Crush, or Elysian Fields or maybe not. Chartreuse alternanthera is trying to return, in the bottom right corner. I have rooted cuttings to set out.
Much of the Purple is more subtle and for closer viewing, like the Salvia farinacea above.
If you’re noticing that pink crept into the palette in the form of echinacea — from a distance
the gold cones are more noticeable than the fuchsia petals.
 I moved some cannas with a yellow striped leaf from the Upper Garden; they have a bright orange bloom that I think will fit right in. They’re just beginning to put up foliage.
Datura Seedlings. I planted seeds of White with Purple seeds.
The taller purple will be seen from the Highway. White faces toward the house.
It’s that time of year when gardening is such fun and everything that returns is so welcome, except for weeds. I’ve been on vine patrol this week. Birds have planted Virginia Creeper everywhere.