Greenhouse Tour with Bromeliads and Such

Come right in, Ike gives tour.
Rogue petunia came up in Violas.
Fragile pots inside heavy crockery keeps the cat from tipping pots.
Amaryllis has a big bud.
Firecracker fern and Graptopetalum good companions.
Peeper frogs hide in Bromeliads.
Anoles, frogs and toads help with pest control.
Heliconia blossom.
Christmas cacti have buds;
A bromeliad for 2 dollars in a tiny green pot is
now happy in a bigger pot.
Bromeliad with babies growing at base.
Ike loves Epiphyllums.
Bottom shelf of the wicker stand at right is his perch.
Bromeliad and Christmas cactus in
grapevine sphere.
Ike loves the greenhouse. Sometimes he loves a plant
almost to death, but we have no mice.