Snaky Benefits

Snakes go both directions in the food chain. Snakes eat rats, mice, insects, other snakes, toads, frogs, lizards. Who could fail to like a snake who eats rats and roaches? They are also important food sources for hawks and other predators.

Who could be angry with a snake who eats rats and roaches? My little friend the hognosed snake eats only toads. I’m not overly happy about him eating Pete, Delmar and George Clooney, but when they make messes on the carport, I’m not against sacrificing a few toads. The hognosed snake is one of my favs. He can puff up his jaws to look like a cobra and makes a hissing sound. He’ll also fall over and play dead if he can’t slither away when threatened.

There are beneficial snakes who dine on poisonous snakes — they’re welcome to all my poisonous snakes.

Among the things I learned was that you could shoo an unwanted snake out of the garden with a long rake or broom and a blast from a hose and they usually won’t come back. The other thing was, If you need to catch one for some reason, you can sweep him into a garbage can lying on its side using a long broom and then turn the can upright.