Faces We Haven’t Seen Since Last Summer

Last night I spent much time getting my mosaics in place so you could see more pics without scrolling, scrolling so much. Somehow they disappeared from the post. There is some element of WordPress that I’m just ‘not getting.’ On the other hand, I can leave comments on some blogger blogs using WordPress as my ID but my comments just disappear if I use the Blogger connection. It is a mystery. Starting over this morning. The pics were not lost but my text is forever gone because I forgot what I said.


Daylilies clockwise from upper left: Silver Veil, Salmon Sheen with the first Mophead Hydrangea bloom, Inner View and Sammy Russell red.

Stokesia, good perennial for planting with daylilies.

White begonias are a good substitute for impatiens in shade. Begonias will not faint and fall over if you forget to water. Here with Rose Campion and a promise of lilies later.

Manolia ‘Little Gem’ perfumes the entire Upper Garden with a fragrance of lemons.

nullFirst Brugmansia bloom. I kept this one in the greenhouse, an awkward plant that lost most of its leaves and did not have the winter blossoms I had envisioned. Brugs coming back from the roots have bigger leaves and are only about 2 feet tall.

Two different Oakleaf Hydrangeas.null

The top one has larger leaves and grows more upright. The bottom one was faster to sucker and spread. Both are lovely and remind me of the precious ladies who shared suckers so I could get starts of the two cultivars.

Different daylilies are blooming daily. Poppies are nothing more than seedheads now. I’m off to another round of watering, deadheading and looking for new blossoms.