Notes from a Very Long Day

Old people seem to have lots of Medical Appointments, even those of us who are relatively healthy. Today was one of those long days when we travel to a far-off town and one of us has x-rays.

I carry a book for the waiting room. Today’s book was Garden Retreats by Barbara Blossom Ashmun. I’ve had it for years. Inside was an index card with this list:


  • seashells — hold memory of the sea.
  • stones – hold memory of the earth
  • wood – holds memory of plants
  • water –  change
  • nuts – hold seeds of another tree
  • glass – made of sand — here I added “mirror”


and today I added from the book:

  • fan – authority and scholarship


I’m pretty sure the others came from another source but I can’t remember where.

Here are today’s notes, not nearly so neat, on a half-sheet of paper.

  • Get concrete mailbox post from under oak tree. (This is an item that I once had a notion to put mosaic items on in a rainbow kind of pattern of tesserae.)

Brugs and Epis in the Night

  • Clear tropical bed enough for mowing. (A real mess!) This was further elaborated upon by a partial list of tropical-appearing plants in the Waddups-Wagner garden:
  1. angel trumpet
  2. gingers
  3. cannas
  4. ornamental grasses
  5. figs
  6. wisteria

(I have all of these but only gingers are in the tropical bed, along with shrimp plant, porterweeds, ferns  and hydrangeas.)

  • Tie up wisteria and prune under tunnel.
  • How could incorporate glass fruit in a bottle tree? (yesterday I was of a mind to take said bottle tree down forever; today I’m expanding it.) Make wire slings to hold. (I am big on wire supports.)
  • Find places for Bath’s pinks where they can droop over. Look at all stones for potential. Fill front garden at edge of red pentas. (I have a whole flat of rooted pieces of Bath’s Pink.)
  • Rose bed at tractor shed is for viewing. (I must have read something about ‘views’ in the book. The Rose bed in front of the equipment barn is stunning in full bloom. He-who-mows always remarks how pretty it looks. It is usually seen only by us and sometimes the Fed-Ex delivery man.)

The rest of the day at home was mostly devoted to watering. I repaired some old soaker hoses and found places they best fit. It will take some time to get all the watering wands, soakers, sprinklers and other water-supplying devices sorted out and best placed so that watering is only a matter of disconnecting hoses and connecting elsewhere with minimal moving of devices.

Pears, blueberries, the two newest pecan trees and grapevines are on drip irrigation this year. The Big Fig has a dedicated hose coming from the corner of the tractor shed.

If we’d been there longer, I’d have made many more notes. I have ideas for a Garden Room where the Epiphyllums spend the summer. Christmas Cactuses may join them after I prune the white Loropetalum, which is next in line after I finish the Camellia tree project.