First Views April

Azaleas and late-planted daffodils
A closer look at Pink Ruffles, Pink Pearl and George Tabor
with Dogwoods. Do you know that Dogwood is fragrant?
Oval lawn in the Upper Garden where summer perennials shine.
This area takes a back seat while Azaleas and Dogwoods bloom.
North edge of the Upper Garden. Land in prep for planting peanuts. Younger Azaleas here are under deciduous trees and bloom later than those under pines.
Hawera and a view of the grape arbor
where leaves are just starting.
Upper Garden paths and cross paths. At right center through the azaleas there is a secret path under the dogwood tree with steps down to the front yard.
Oakleaf Hydrangeas at far left get ready for the next show.
Formosa azaleas behind a rustic bench