Foliage Follow Up: It’s still Fall

We’ve had some frosts but it’s still fall here. We never get glorious color like in the northern states. Our color comes creeping and leaves slowly.

Cycad in front of Cornus florida. Notice winter-damaged fronds at bottom from last winter. Dark green at the top is this year’s growth. There are differing opinions about pruning Cycads. I am a reluctant pruner.

Crape myrtle and Golden Euonymous anchor a rose bed. Daylilies and Shasta daisies still have green foliage.

Oakleaf Hydrangea still has maroon foliage here.

Gulf Muhly grass fronted by Ratibida columnifera foliage. Muhlenbergia has lost some of its pinkness. In the spring I’ll burn the dry foliage and divide the clumps.

Vetiver grass still with green. Come spring, I’ll cut the dry culms to use as markers for new seedlings and spacing for new plants and to designate area not to be mowed. Vetiver is an underused plant. Our growing season is too short for it to set seed, so it is not invasive. The fragrant roots are popular for sachets and crafts.