Azaleas are Coming! Azaleas are Coming!

There are enough open blooms to see color from a distance, but we don’t yet have great wads of azaleas the size of a minivan in full color.

Pink Pearl 9451

Pink Pearl

Formosa 9454


GeorgeLTabor 9449

George Lindley Taber, a sport of Formosa.

Poukhanense 9440

Poukhanense, a deciduous azalea.

Pink Ruffles 9438

Pink Ruffles

Magnolia stellata 9433

Magnolia stellata¬†‘Leonard Messell’

This blossom looks to be an aberration with round

petals instead of the expected strappy ones.


It looks as if Azaleas are going to open ahead of Dogwoods, whose buds are still tightly closed. No signs of life on redbuds, either.