If the Seasons Didn’t Change

Oakleaf Hydrangea fall color

There’s been discussion lately about the advantage of living in a tropical climate that has no freezing season, just wet and dry. I’m happy to live where we have some freezes but no snow. Snow is beautiful on a Christmas card, not so much when you’re cold and wet. I’m not a fan of snow.

I’d love to live where peonies, lilacs and tulips thrive with little effort but only if I can also have a spring wonderland of azaleas the size of a minivan under ancient dogwoods after Camellias in January. On the whole, I’m delighted with my climate most of the time, hot enough for summer tropicals and cool enough for spring daffodils and hyacinths.

Oval lawn, overseeded with rye grass for green winter color.


Crape myrtles and Loropetalum add color to the fall garden.

Boxwood and camellia

 Broadleaf evergreens insure that we have winter color.

Boxwoods and Camellia sasanqua.

The sasanqua will bloom next month.

New path through the former Herb Garden.

Newly planted Violas for winter color at left.

This project is taking longer than expected.