Salmon Sheen and Red Hot Poker

DaylilyThis was one of the first of Salmon Sheen to bloom. On Monday there were two blooms. Salmon Sheen won the Stout Medal, the highest honor a Daylily can have, when I was still in high school. It is one tough hemerocallis and I have it everywhere.  It is beautiful with blue Hydrangeas.


Red Hot Poker

My nephew gave me this plant, from his Uncle Mack’s garden where there was a whole row across the front. It’s been divided and spread around here. This one is up close to Carefree Delight Rose. I noticed this morning there’s a mockingbird’s nest in the rose again. That was a tragedy the last time, when a rat snake climbed the rose cane with huge thorns and ate the babies.

Mockingbirds are everywhere. They nest in the grape arbor, the pear trees, and when I started pruning a big Camellia bush, there was a Mama on a nest high above my head. She crouched over the nest and I stayed down low.

Orange, Purple and Chartreuse

Orange, Purple and Chartreuse

I made a list of chores this morning:

  • Prune Camellias — that’s partly done, at least most of one.
  • Extend Pride of Barbados bed started during weekend.
  • Start on the Live Oak bed where Virginia Creeper is getting ahead of me and see if Curcumas are up.
  • Plant Chartreuse alternanthera.

Easily distracted, I hauled off the Camellia prunings and finished limb patrol from the weekend winds. That done, when I rolled up hoses ahead of the mower, I noticed Earthworm Castings in the lawn. I scooped up 6 pounds of castings ahead of the mower too.

I moved two Chartreuse from in front of Lantana that covered them last summer and never seen. I noted where rooted cuttings I have will fit. Instead of finishing that chore, I got flags to stick where tiny Tithonia seedlings are and flagged them for the mower, just in case. While I was there, I moved 2 red Alternanthera that survived the winter to make a better bed around the second-year Pride of Barbados that I hope is going to make a show on its little corner.

There were some household chores on that list, too. They are seldom a priority until we run out of clean socks.

I mulled over limbing up Camellias until this morning when I saw some white Camellia topiary on Facebook, from Australia. It was now or never. I think I will like the new look. I found 3 good-sized shrubs underneath, and some seedlings.