The Best of Bloom Day March

My WordPress¬†blog is for convenience because some readers can’t comment on Blogger and vice versa. This post combines my greenhouse blog and Seedscatterer on Blogger. Some but not all the Bloom Day pictures are here.

Shirley Tulip with Muscari
I am so encouraged by these Tulips, I may plant Purple next year.
Moulin Rouge
Pink Charm Daffodil, one of my Faves.
It was hard not to publish every Daffodil in bloom.
Sailboat made the cut. You can see a plowed field in the distance and the
pale spring green of trees putting on new leaves.
Tahiti, my Fave Double Daffodil. Looks good, smells tropical.
Pink Pearl Azalea, another Fave.
White Azaleas kicked off the season.

Inside the greenhouse, this box of Purple Heart and Persian Shield are
cuttings that I intended to plant out.¬†I think I’ll keep them in a container.
Strobilanthese blooms in the greenhouse. Once in a while I get blooms
during the summer. They are a novelty.
Mistletoe Cactus Rhipsalis put on buds.
Rhipsalis bloom and buds.
Have a fantastic Bloom Day, a great St. Patrick’s Day and a bountiful Spring.