Bloom Day May 2015

In the Greenhouse, blooming:

My new Pelargonium, which we call zonal geranium.


Pentas cuttings needing planting out for butterflies.
Look closely behind; there is a green tomato.


My tomato plants have green tomatoes and lots of
blossoms on new plants and the old one.
Just outside the greenhouse:

Calla Lilies, so far only in yellow.

Agapanthus bloom about to pop open. This is a seedling from seeds ‘borrowed’ off plants in a parking lot in Florida.
Oakleaf Hydrangeas and White Crape Myrtle
Gardenias started early.
LA Lily Hybrids
At left is an LA hybrid complimented with self-planted Harebells.
Right is Blackout, an Asiatic Lily
       Daylilies too numerous to show them all, the two above are representative, Siloam Ury Winniford and Superlative or maybe Kent’s Favorite II.
Succulents and Bromeliads moved outside for the summer. I’m showing Burro Tail Sedum because the one on the right has blooms, down at the bottom.
In the background above is my fruit yard, with laden blueberry bushes expected to be ripe next month. The little mess in front of one of the bushes is an Herb Circle with an Okra bed extending to the right of it. If you don’t live in the south, you can’t imagine how significant it is to have two rows of Okra. We were blessed to get an inch of rain just after I planted it.
Echinacea, Salvia farinacea Victoria, California poppies and Salmon Sheen Daylilies are in this bed. Carefree Delight roses have about finished up a flush of bloom and Vitex is budded.
Belinda’s Dream Rose with Oakleaf Hydrangeas behind.
This Kniphofia bloom fell over from its own weight.
There are so many things to point out: Lantana is blooming in yellow,
lavender and white.  New broods of Butterflies are hatching and they quickly find nectar sources like Silene. Tithonia seedlings will welcome butterflies soon.
So many other things I had to show you but time and space are precious on Bloom Day. I wanted to show you Mexican Hats and Larkspur and Verbena bonariensis and Gerbera Daisies and Gladioli and Hydrangeas but you must move along to the next Garden.  Thank  you for coming this way.
… and oh, Stokesia, a native.
Bloom Day, hosted by Carol at May Dreams Gardens, never ceases to show the most glorious of Gardens around the World.
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  1. such an array of beauty surrounds you!

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