The Best Perfume is Hyacinths





  1. Love your Hyacinths! Not only are they beautiful but they are a promise of things to come! The first pic is particularly stunning. Thanks for sharing! Happy Gardening!

  2. I really like the mossy grass growing in the pots with the flowers…

    • Nell Jean

       /  February 22, 2015

      It’s moss with tiny fruiting bodies rather than grass. I borrowed the idea of moss around the bulbs from the Swedish bloggers who do creative things with moss and bulbs.

    • “fruiting bodies”… will have to look that up…

  3. Thanks Jean, it is a neat different looking plant.

  4. Jean in the background behind the hyacinths there is a cactus looking plant what kind is it?

    • Nell Jean

       /  February 22, 2015

      Behind the yellow and white Hyacinths is a Burro Tail Sedum, Sedum morganianum (I thought you and Barbara might like that name). Behind the pink Hyacinths are big gangly Night Blooming Cactus, Epiphyllum oxypetalum, like Mama and her friends used to grow.

  5. So true. Your forced blooms are gorgeous!

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