Moulin Rouge (Where is Your Heart?)

Moulin Rouge literally translates to Red Windmill, an apt name for a Dutch Tulip.

These photos show the transition from a cream color tulip with
a raspberry line along petal edges to a full cerise color.
The transition of colors took place over one week’s time.
We had severe thunderstorms with high winds today.
I ran out and got these last pics just before the rain.
Wind was already starting to whip them about.
The tulip on the right put forth a bud later than its companions.
Its companions started out the same pale color with red striping.

These tulips were given to me by Longfield Gardens as a result of my entering a giveaway on Facebook. Writing about them on my blog was not a condition of my receiving them. I chilled them in a dedicated refrigerator for 10 weeks and planted them at the end of December, which is usual for the Coastal South if one is brave enough to plant tulips in the face of possible early heat. Turned out we had perfect weather: I didn’t have to water and the weather was cooler than usual throughout February.

The landmark Moulin Rouge nightclub in Paris has a Red Windmill on the roof.

The contemporary Moulin Rouge movie is not comparable to the Original 1952 ‘Moulin Rouge’ staring Jose Ferrer as Toulouse-Lartrec.

This video features the Song from the Moulin Rouge (Where is Your Heart?) sung by Gene Pitney, scenes from the 1952 movie and Toulouse-Lactrec posters. Enjoy.

Right now my heart is with the Tulips.

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