September Sunshine for Bloom Day

September Yellows 2013While nectar plants for butterflies persist in all colors, Yellow is the color of choice for display this Bloom Day. Tecoma stans is in glorious bloom and Candlestick Cassias are opening beside it.

Cassia Sept 2013

DSCF9564Not a plant that attracts butterflies, Melampodium is still a favorite well-behaved reseeder, here with Purple Heart and Spider Plant.

DSCF9560Duranta does attract butterflies and is a good contrast for yellows.

All the summer favorites: Tithonia, Lantana, Pentas and Porterweed Continue to keep butterflies happy in the garden. I gathered them into a collage; you’ve seen similar all summer.

September 2013Butterflies featured include American Painted Lady, Zebra Longwing, Spicebush Swallowtail, Tiger Swallowtail and Giant Swallowtail. Sulphurs are increasing in numbers now that legumes are plentiful. Gulf Fritillaries are still working any and all flowers and meadows are full of Buckeyes and their caterpillars.

My Blogger Seedscatterer blog features Native Plants blooming in the Meadows this Bloom Day.

Join Bloom Day excitement at Carol’s May Dreams Gardens Bloom Day.



  1. Nell Jean – My coleus in water have already started to form roots. I’m so impressed that I’ll be able to carry over this particular coleus because it is unusual and I’ve never seen it before. Got it at a plant swap.

  2. My cassia’s aren’t blooming yet…..not sure why….

  3. Fantastic butterfly photos!

  4. Your candlestick cassia and Tecoma stans are very yellow and pretty. I have the other kind of cassia. Impressed with your butterfly shots. Especially the American Painted Lady as I’ve not seen that around here. Weren’t you the one who told me to winter over coleus in a glass of water? If it was you, do you change the water every week?

    • Nell Jean

       /  September 17, 2013

      I’m not organized enough for weekly water changes, just when the water gets murky and I notice.

  5. Love the candlesticks! The combination of Melampodium with the purple heart and spider plant is striking. And having all those butterflies visit your garden is wonderful.

  6. We have several plants in common. Yours are especially beautiful. Happy Bloom Day.

  7. love seeing your flowers…and no wonder the butterflies are flitting about!

  8. Your butterflies do look happy in your garden!
    Happy Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day!
    Lea’s Menagerie

    • Nell Jean

       /  September 17, 2013

      Thanks for coming by, Gayle and Dorothy and Holley and Lea and Marilyn.

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