Butterflies Fluttering

Every year we’re afraid they’re not going to show. Late August they arrive in great numbers. I made some short videos today before the rain came. What you will see has no title pages nor introductions. You will see only butterflies. I do not speak. They are from a half minute to about a minute long.

7443 This first video has red Pentas visted by Tiger Swallowtails and Gulf Fritillaries.


7449 When I was choosing which movies to upload, I wrote in my notes that this might be my fav. It has Tiger, Pipevine and Spicebush Swallowtails. The more colorful male Tigers and the plainer female are noticed.

7445 This was the best of the Tithonia videos. Orange butterflies and orange flowers make them harder to see, but I think I got some nice views. There are bees in there too. Tithonia has reached 6 feet and kept going, a veritable Tithonia forest.

7447 Another of white Pentas and Swallowtails.


7454 This last is a wider view of butterflies visiting the red Pentas bed.

I didn’t get dogface sulphurs puddling in the sand in front of the tractor shed, nor Buckeyes on White Lantana. Some butterflies just will not keep still enough to capture. Our weather these days varies between pouring rain and hot sun with high humidity. Either way I get soaked and lose interest before I capture all of them.

I made videos on Tithonia, red Pentas and white Pentas. Each has something of interest.

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