Wisteria must Go


For a brief glimpse of glorious lavender blooms and a beckoning fragrance during March, I hack at these vines year ’round.

Today I said to He-who-mows that I thought the wisteria should go. “Yes,” he said, “It looks ragged.”

I was thinking of a different aliteration: wretched.


Wisteria slightly right of center, definitely ‘Ragged’ despite all the pruning I did all summer. It has scant rebloom from the stress of pruning.

Removing that vine and the boxwood it grows from will leave space to place another white Crape Myrtle like the one at left or extend the Oakleaf Hydrangeas from toward the street. Another option is to leave that space open once we see what it reveals.


  1. I so wish mine would bloom…so I say…leave it be…love it so!

    • Nell Jean

       /  August 17, 2013

      This big wad of wisteria is going, as soon as the rain stops again. There’s another mass of it nearer the fence, we’ll never be without some somewhere. Do you prune yours, Marilyn?

    • yes…but, I think I’ve talked to you before…no luck in blooming…Maybe I planted a weed…who knows??? it said wisteria many years ago…ha, ha!

  2. I have a mess of wisteria and bushes all jumbled. I was speaking to someone the other day about just cutting back some of the limbs sticking out so that I could mow. Now in reading your post, I find a stirring of interest in my yard, in possibilities ahead. Thank you.

  3. Wisteria IS beautiful but I prefer to admire it in other people’s yards. It’s just too aggressive and invasive.

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