When Summer Feels as if We Live in a Rainforest

It rained I think, every day except for two so far in July. Sometimes only a tenth of an inch, sometimes several inches in a short period of time and all in between.

White Begonias and Fern

All that rain has made plants lush and green. The grass wants mowing every time the sun shines, it seems.

Tropicals are lush. Butterflies were late to 
dinner, but  they’ve found the Pentas.
Chartreuse Alternanthera is a fave.
So is Graptopetalum.
All my stones have moss.
Tropicals like Caesalpinia is slow to put on buds 
without more sunshine. Lantana is slow to bloom, 
butterflies are finding what does bloom.
One of the greenhouse blogs I read has promised to post
about greenhouse storage solutions. Hurry!


  1. The Caesalpinia is new to me. Looked it up on the internet but most of the photos seemed to have leaves like a mimosa rather than what you had. I just got a porter weed in a swap on Saturday so I gotta go read up on what you have to say about that.

    • Nell Jean

       /  July 22, 2013

      Caesalpinia, Pride of Barbados, is on the right in the photo where I mentioned it. It does look vaguely like mimosa foliage. It is in the legume family. Better pictures of it are on my Blogger site Secrets of a Seedscatterer. I have to reply to your WordPress posts using my WordPress blog which I keep open merely to be able to comment on WordPress blogs. WordPress is not my platform of choice.

    • I chose to subscribe to your WordPress blog because its easier for me. I have a hard time commenting on Blogger because of all the wacky spam-reducing stuff bloggers use. OK, the Caesalpinia was not what I was after. It’s that multi-hued low bedding plant – what is that?

  2. It is so great to see other types of gardens so different to your own. The tropicals are interesting and so lush! Quite envious!

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