Tropical Plants in a Temperate Climate

Selected Tropicals are my favorite summer flowers. The season is about to begin.

Pride of Barbados

Pride of Barbados in Bud





Bronze Canna

Bronze Canna


Bengal Tiger Canna 

Milk and Wine Lily

Crinum Lily ‘Milk and Wine’


Pentas,  Porterweed and Tithonia will bloom soon. Curcuma has broken dormacy.  Recent heavy rains encouraged bloom and growth.



I put some of my Bromeliads outside.

Following a cool spring, some plants are slower to put on new growth, like the Cycads or to bloom, like the Epiphyllums. Cycads do have new fronds emerging and Epis have the teeniest of buds. Ah, Summer!










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  1. tropicals…tried to bring some to KY once…just didn’t work…

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