Alys Clancy’s Garden Guide to Plain Dirt Gardening


Some of the best books I own are collections of some gardener’s essays. Alys Clancy wrote a column for the Daytona, FL News Herald on what she called PDG — Plain Dirt Gardening. Alys died in 1976, yet her advice still applies in today’s Southern Gardens. Surprisingly, the book is still available and was revised twice.

Much of what Alys writes about grows in my inland Coastal South Garden. I love her common-sense approach to gardening. I bought this book at a Library sale some years back. Every now and then I get it out to read again.

Regional books are my favorites. It took years for me to learn that garden advice from the Midwest, the PNW, the Desert and New England just were not going to work for me. I would plant combinations that I saw in their books and wonder why mine didn’t bloom together or failed entirely.

Linking to Holley Garden’s Garden Book Reviews May 2013.

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  1. Sounds like a great book! I am definitely putting this on my must-have list! I usually just skim over the plant lists I find in books, knowing that those plants just don’t grow here, so to have a book with plants in it that actually fit the region sounds wonderful! I like the term ‘Plain dirt gardening’, too! Thanks so much for joining in!

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