Miss Julie’s Butterfly Garden

Miss Julie, known in Georgia and in Southern Living Magazine as ‘the Butterfly Lady’ designated the state butterflies for both Georgia (the Tiger Swallowtail) and Florida (the Zebra Longwing).

Pentas on the left in pots, other plants on the right

Visiting her Butterfly Garden was a treat even though it was early for butterflies. Susie was delivering Pentas for the spring garden and I was a guest.

A portion of the Butterfly Garden in which work was going
on when we were there.
More Zinnias
A view of the Garden House
Sign on the Garden House Wall

During a lecture of Miss Julie’s that I attended, she gave her top three butterfly plants as

  1. Butterfly Bush
  2. Lantana
  3. Pentas


  1. Deadhead
  2. Soaker hoses rather than sprinklers
  3. Mass plants like Pentas, Verbena and Lantana


  1. who cannot love the beautiful winged butterfly…glad to know what specific plants attract them…thanks…

  2. What a wonderful garden! It would be so nice to have a garden just for attracting these flying jewels. I plan on adding some butterfly bushes to my garden this year. I hope they will attract even more butterflies to my garden.

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