Fruits of Our Labor

The threat of frost past, we can assess the fruit crops of summer.

Blueberries put on more and more blooms, insuring a long harvest season.
There’s no room left here for more blueberry blooms.
Scuppernong grapes have clusters of tiny fruit.
Tiny pears. Some will need thinning, a job I hate.
It is almost impossible for me to remove a single one,
even knowing that the limbs will break under that weight.
Peach. In the background is a fig tree.
Tomatoes that stayed the winter in greenhouse.
Lettuces in a container.
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  1. I love seeing things grow…and to know that fruit and veggies will be abundant…wonderful!

  2. We planted blueberries just this year, and I saw fruit yesterday! Blueberry bushes sure are pretty.

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