Maroon Poppies

Pink Poppies are still blooming, and California Poppies are stunning. Joining them are Maroon Poppies overplanted in a Daffodil bed.


Goodbye to Daffodils, except for the very last late ones like Baby Moon. I saw a Hillstar today.Poppies and Larkspur will hide maturing foliage. When annuals are done, the mower takes over.

It’ was a busy day. I planted and moved plants that do not make a show in their present state:

Dug and moved a nicotiana that planted itself on the roadside. Mower ran over it twice, it persisted. It’s a fat plant now. Strangely, no nicotiana self-seeded in a flower bed. This is my second rescue.

Planted out two seedling and one cutting of Porterweed. I expect great things from Porterweed in the Butterfly Garden this summer. At least three in the Upper Garden have returned from roots. Most of my cuttings failed to take. The one that did root has strong red roots.

Big project was moving some things to reduce the size of a bed that has overgrown and needs an area mowed — another of my mow-through projects. What is there about saving every little piece of something? The Hydrangea I dug broke into three sections. I didn’t really need ONE Hydrangea, much less three. They are all planted now. Two Milk and Wine Crinums, one the size of a grapefruit and one navel orange sized one, both had side bulbs. All planted now. There’s a whole flat of Bath’s Pink. I couldn’t throw it away. It’s under mist to keep it alive until I have the strength to plant again.

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  1. I say …plant it all …can there really be enough flowers???

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