Old Gardeners never Die. They just Spade Away.

My sweet neighbor gave me a little garden sign with this saying on it: Old Gardeners Never Die. They Just Spade Away.

Sue in Nebraska was asking about Garden Spades for older ladies. I suggested that a trenching spade is the best real spade but for lifting and dividing perennials there is nothing like a spading fork.

My Spading Fork has a short hand, fiberglass.  Two spades are better than one when dividing a heavy clump of something dense like Kniphofia. For intermingled roots like daylily, a little teasing fork works fine.

These daylilies were already dug, just need separating. The Spading fork held them in place while the small fork pulled them apart. The little fork has another name; I don’t know it.

In this bed is maturing Hyacinth foliage, some Pentas returning
from last year and newly planted rooted pink Pentas cuttings.
The Daylily is a pink seedling, garden name ‘Meet my Sister.’
There is also White Iris with a yellow lip in bud, Lemon Grass and some pink Roses.
Good Garden Tools make the work much easier. What are your favorites?


  1. Nice post. My favorite garden tool is the grape hoe. Six to nine inches wide and about as far out from the handle. It chops, digs, surface weeds, and does an awsome job of roughing the compost pile for its seasonal turning. For me it is a multi purpose power tool that does not need a plug.

  2. Thanks, Nell Jean! I have a fork, but for some reason like to use my garden spade, the one that is narrower than a regular shovel. I may try your method again some time. Larry was able to sharpen mine, plus, I ended up finding another one I’d forgotten about, which is pretty sharp. I sure have been doing a lot of digging the last few days!

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