Spring at Last

Maybe, just maybe, frost is over.  The calendar says it is spring. The weather service at last does not predict frost in our future.

It was hard not to put tender plants in the ground on sunny days.

Christmas Cactuses and newly repotted Kalanchoes on the upper had to crowd up because the greenhouse filled up again with tender plants that were not quite ready to go outside. Ike the Cat reserves the back side of the lower shelf for the first rays of sunlight every morning.

I bought a flat of violas right out of the middle of those in bloom.
These had no blooms; maybe because they were big pansies.
Pansies survive; violas thrive.
Happy Easter.


  1. Happy Easter to you!

  2. I’m counting on this last cold front being our last freeze. I figure Easter’s here – it’s spring! So, pansies survive while violas thrive! Thanks for the tip! I’ll have to plant violas next year instead.

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