Another Look at Daffodils

We had many daffodils fail to bloom this year. Beautiful foliage but little to no bloom on Sweetness,  Tete a Tete, Minnow, Jet Fire and many others. A smattering of Juanita and Ice Follies. Some beds of mixed daffodils had nary a bloom. You would think at least one would get brave. I’m blaming last summer and fall drought and a mild winter. The daffodils that bloomed best were mostly in beds that feature stones but other narcissus with stone present did not bloom. I’m always hopeful of Next Year.

Late last fall I planted 50 bulbs of ‘King Alfred type’ daffodils.
It never fails that when I’m planting, 50 seems like a lot. When they bloom I wish I’d planted 500.
These daffodils are underplanted with larkspur and poppies to distract the eye from fading foliage.

Hawera has been here for a long, long time.

There are other daffodils that bloom late that may delight us yet.
Pink Charm and Salome hold promise. I noticed the slender reed-like foliage of tiny Baby Moon the other day. The range of daffodil bloom time makes a season of several weeks.

Got Daffodils? Are yours blooming as well this year as in previous seasons?


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  1. only greenery here …not quite up all of the way or ready to bloom…
    chance of snow tonight…but, they usually come into bloom no matter…

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