Bloom Day March Preview

Camellia walk

Azalea Walk


Azalea Walk viewed from the south through Wisteria


Native Azalea

White Camellia

Garden Monkey with Dogwood and Azaleas

HippeastrumsĀ ‘Appleblossom’ and ‘Nymph’

Orchids — who is that in the background outside?


The Best of Bloom Day.

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  1. I could just imagine the fragrances in your garden! I didn’t realize the wisteria was already blooming! What wonderful ‘walks’ you have. The bench by the azaleas looks so inviting.

  2. Wow! Your garden is just beautiful. Love the azaleas and camellias – and everything else for that matter. Thanks for stopping by my garden this month.

  3. I have a wisteria vine…but, has never bloomed…do I need two??? or what’s the trick??? I know you know!

    • Nell Jean

       /  March 15, 2013

      You only need one for blooms. I don’t know what to do for one that never bloomed. I hack at mine all the time because they want to grab onto trees. If I see little knobby places on them I don’t hack that part, blooms emerge there, I just hack at the ends of long skinny vines. Do you know if you have American or Chinese wisteria — chinese is the one that runs rampant all over; that’s mine.

    • it’s pretty much entwined on the fence it’s near…we do trim it …but, will look for knobby places…no… have no idea what kind…it’s been there a long time…thanks for info…mkg

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