Oh, phooey, It’s Dr. Huey!

My beautiful Climbing Peace rose is dead. Sprouts from the rootstock have emerged, the dreaded Dr. Huey.

Climbing Peace. 2010

Climbing Peace, 2010

Dr. Huey is popping up everywhere. Both Gene Boerner rose bushes have a new sprout in the center with a bright red bud. Dr. Huey! I read that just nipping off Dr. Huey suckers is not enough, they must be broken off at the root.  One of the Boerner floribundas is vigorous enough to stave off the Doctor, I’m not sure about the other. They’re ill placed now. The Lorpetalums that I planted 5 feet away almost swallowed them, requiring constant limbing up to keep ahead.



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  1. OK…now I have to go read about Dr. Huey…whoever or whatever it is???

    • Nell Jean

       /  March 10, 2013

      Marilyn, Dr. Huey is the vigorous rootstock on which many roses are grafted. It is red. Foruniana is a white that is frequently used. If the grafted rose declines, sometimes the rootstock will send up suckers and take over. I bought a rose that Dr. Huey was all I ever saw, my pink climber turned out to be, oh, phooey, Dr. Huey. Do go read about them.

    • thanks so much for explanation…new to me…Love learning though…and I will read further…how interesting!

  2. I hope you can get Dr. Huey under control. He is quite persistent. I once had to kill him for three years in a row to get him to quit emerging. But, I guess that’s what makes him such a wonderful rootstock!

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