Daffodils Overplanted with Poppies and Larkspur

Daffodils Overplanted with Poppies and Larkspur

In late fall when I planted the Daffodil bulbs, I scattered seeds of Corn Poppies, Peony Poppies and Larkspur for a cottage garden effect when the daffodil blooms are gone. It takes several weeks for daffodil foliage to ripen and the annual plants will effectively hide the bulb leaves with blooms above.

When the flowers fade in early summer, I can plant summer annuals like Zinnias or Tithonia for the delight of butterflies.

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  1. Oh, my gosh! This is going to be so pretty! I can imagine it in my mind. I bought some larkspur seeds to put out last fall, but forgot! 😦 I’ll really regret it when I see yours blooming!

  2. This will be a beautiful sight when in full bloom – can’t wait to see!

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