February is Half Over, So’s the Weather

Predicted low tonight is 25ºF. We’ve been enjoying springlike weather and blooms galore. Most plants that are blooming are either cold hardy or have tight buds in reserve.



We may lose some fruit. Mayhaws have been blooming for more than a week. Some of the earlier blueberries have open blooms, but a few buds that will open later. I haven’t seen pear blossoms nor peach blooms.

I found a V. bonariensis plant in the lawn this week. Just one. I hope it is hardy enough to survive the cold. I’ll transplant it after the cold snap if it survives. I need to spread some Verbena seeds around the flower beds.

I tucked pine straw over and around as many things as I could, particularly Variegated Mariesii Hydrangeas, they’re so tiny and precious. This is their second year if they survive the cold and they’d already put out leaves. There are some chartreuse alternanthera under mulch here and there, too. What I didn’t cover was some huge sprouts at the base of Brugmansia stalks. They’ll come out again from the roots, later when it’s safe. Or not.

The dog and cat have their heated huts, a constant 57º if it is colder outside. They have taken to sleeping on a wooden bench on the carport where there is a blanket and a throw pillow and a door mat on one end to block the wind. They were sleeping, one on each end of the bench, when He-who-mows looked out this morning.  Apparently they’ve mellowed. I don’t know if they’ve mellowed enough to share the Dog Hut. Kitty may have to sleep in his own bed out of the wind tonight.








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  1. Anita

     /  February 16, 2013

    My yard looks like it is full of ghosts, we have covered the citrus trees with sheets had to use clothes pins to secure them as it is very windy. We covered my flowers also. Sure hope my citrus blooms survive.

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