Spring Will Come after February Freezes

We are having mild weather while most of the rest of the country has ice and snow. We expect freezes in February and there is always that late frost in March, sometimes even in April. Meanwhile, we are seeing blossoms:

White azaleas are tumbling down the slope behind gardenia bushes. Yellow euonymous is a remnant from fifty years ago when my MIL grew lots of it. It’s no longer fashionable, but it suited me to root a last piece to go in the yellow bed.

White azaleas usually get nipped by cold and look like dirty tissue paper.

Labeled as ‘Delaware Valley White’ — I think they were mislabeled. Maybe not.

First blooms on George Tabor azaleas. One of my favs.

Seedling violas in a strawberry pot on a bench outside the greenhouse.

Early Daffodils coming up through late Lantana.

This time of year there are delights to be found. Enjoy.

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  1. How beautiful your new spring flowers look. I love the excitement too! Our summer is hot and I have to water so often. The lushness is gone and we are going into autumn.

  2. I’ve been thinking the same–paradise weather over here, but expect a last punch of bitter cold. It’s all in the plan. Your azaleas are wonderful. We have bloom here and there is all. And enjoying paperwhites! Some think they stink but I love them.

  3. Love the strawberry pot…and who doesn’t love those pretty
    little pansies!… you will have me out and about looking for
    anything budding…

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