Pecan Brittle

This was a good year for pecans. We cracked a few the other day while the weather was balmy and we could be outside where shells don’t go everywhere on the floor.


When we went to town, I bought a candy thermometer. The young woman who helped me with the self-check-out asked what I was going to cook and then asked if I was going to sell pecan brittle. In the truck, Lane laughed when I said I told her my cooking wasn’t good enough to sell.

DSCF8787 Pecans, lightly toasted. Another pan, buttered,  is keeping warm while the candy cooks.


Once we got to this point, there wasn’t time to keep making pictures.

I had everything measured out and ready and it went very, very fast.

Boil sugar and corn syrup and water to 290 degrees, add pecans and butter, boil past 300, remove and add vanilla and baking soda. Every body whose video I watched added more baking soda than the recipe called for; so did I.


I used a standard recipe off the internet, similar to Paula Deen’s but in smaller quantities.

There won’t be enough left to sell.



  1. looks good to me…I love brittle…but, can’t say I’ve had “pecan” …might have to try…mkg
    or…you could make more to sell…ha, ha!

  2. Hi Nell Jean,
    That looks good enough to sell! LOL I love what you said to the check out gal. Those pecans were pretty, too.

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