Couldn’t Help Myself when Orchids Were Buy One, Get One.


The Big Box Building Supply sent me a coupon for Buy One, Get One.

Here they are with ‘Nymph’ Hippeastrum, the last of my Christmas Amaryllis to Bloom, if a bit late.


The white Orchid is so pretty.


The smaller cream color is pretty too.

There is a dendrobium in a glass cylinder, a Mother’s Day present from some years back that has managed to survive but has not bloomed again. What I thought was a bloom stalk last year was an aerial root growing straight up the sides of the glass. Since then it put on other visible roots. I don’t know whether to remove it from the container and pot it, or leave it alone. Maybe a whiff of liquid fertilizer would encourage it.

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  1. I love your orchids. My mom used to have beautiful orchids, too. I don’t do well with houseplants even though we operate a greenhouse. I’m glad you found my blog, since I can’t figure out how to follow you (other than e-mail) I put you on my bloglist because I check on that once in a while.

  2. Dearest Nell Jean,
    Good for you to buy those orchids since they are prized special. We had 16 at one time, gorgeous ones and years old. But the person that was supposed to water them while we were on a trip abroad (doing our consulting work) did neglect them. She watered them just the day prior to our return and that made me almost cry. Since than we have not had as many but I still miss them, they were our pride and joy…
    Hugs to you and have a wonderful 2013 in great health.

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