Oxblood Lily and Autumn Crocus

More agapanthus are blooming, I noticed buds of red spider lilies Lycoris radiata are showing up. I could hardly wait to show the second blooms of Sternbergia and Rhodophiala.

Sternbergia lutea or Fall Crocus, sent me from Texas by Barbara Nason.
They were overtaken by yellow Lantana and moved two years ago.
They are now beside the walk to the mailbox so I can see them better.

Fall can bring as many pretty blossoms from bulbs as Spring, but they’re not as popular for some reason. Maybe because bulbs in spring follow a rather bleak winter. Summer flowers are still in bloom when the fall bulbs suddenly appear.

Rhodophiala bifida, Schoolhouse lily, also a Texas bulb, sent by Janie Varley.
These multiplied and I divided them two years ago an spread them around.
These are only the second bloom of each of these to emerge this year.
I’m waiting for Lycoris squamigera and Lycoris radiata to bloom. They may be waiting for the hurricane to bring lots more water — they had 0.8 inch of rain yesterday. The Lycorises are sometimes called ‘Hurricane Lilies’ because they bloom in late August and early September, usually just after remnants of a tropical storm drops drenching rain on us.
If the hurricane stays on track, winds and rain of Isaac may reach us by Tuesday.
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  1. My oxblood lilies are blooming, too! Little miracles.

  2. Nell Jean

     /  August 26, 2012

    I wish I knew the secret to successful Agapanthus, Carolyn. I tried digging and potting and keeping green over the winter, then planting out. That one did no better than the ones left in the ground. I know that in their native South Africa, they get a period of drought before the rainy season brings blossoms. I had some bloom early and now more blooms since some heavy rains. I suspect they are heavy feeders as well.

  3. Question for you, Nell Jean… Last Summer I planted three agapanthus… my first ever. They bloomed rather well and seemed quite happy. This summer only one bloom from one of the plants, the other two have not bloomed. The foliage is robust and doing well. Is there something I can do to encourage blooming? I have no experience with this bloom but I’m crazy in love with it. Hope you get your rain this week. It’s raining here right now, the first in months.

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