How to Catch an Armadillo

When we first commenced to trap armadillos that were digging in my flower beds and tunneling under buildings, I read all the expert articles. Now that we’ve caught and dispatched dozens, I think I know how.

Buffy inspecting today’s catch.
  • We need a good strong trap.  A big armadillo can escape from a trap like the one in the picture unless it’s reinforced. We used a metal fence post  and some stronger hardware after the manufacturer sent us more pieces to replace the broken ones. The new pieces weren’t strong enough, either.
  • We don’t need bait. I’ve read of baits from tuna fish to banana peels. An armadillo will go into an empty trap.
  • We don’t need to build an elaborate ‘runway’ to funnel him into the trap. Just set the trap where you think he’s going to be traveling. Sometimes I use a couple of 8″ boards and a few bricks to direct his travel, but it really isn’t necessarry, as evidenced by our catch rate.
After we saw evidence of digging in the Upper Garden, I set the trap in the center grass path on Sunday evening, over toward the right edge of the path. Armadillos will usually follow a bed edge, digging as they go. Monday evening, He-who-mows suggested that we give him one more night, since he dug in the paths on either side the night before. Maybe he’d come up the center path.
Your armadillos’ mileage may vary.
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